Data Center Project for Agricultural Bank of China in Shanxi province

Date: 2020-10-30
Author: Vivian
Category: UPS

SCU single row cold aisle data center integrates cold pool, power supply, refrigeration, pre-terminated intelligent wiring, integrated management platform, etc., adopts high-efficiency integrated power supply and distribution system to provide power guarantee for facilities and equipment, and realizes row-level precision air conditioning for efficient refrigeration . DCIM data center infrastructure integrated operation and management system realizes comprehensive intelligent monitoring and management on IT equipment, dynamic environment infrastructure, channel-level, cabinet-level video surveillance, lighting, etc., making it safer and more reliable. Our customized data center has realized a set of management system that can systematize, refine and close the equipment data for the bank to ensure the efficiency, sharing and integrity of the data, which can be efficient and accurate to help system administrators freely from a large amount of scattered data and complex on-site conditions, easily realize all equipment management.

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