FAST: The world’s largest single-aperture radio telescope

Date: 2020-10-26
Author: Vivian
Category: Modular UPSUPS

As an excellent provider of power supply and distribution system solutions for scientific data centers, Sicon takes the lead in providing the most suitable power supply and distribution solutions and excellent supporting facilities for the fields of earth simulation, meteorological environmental protection, aerospace data, astronomical exploration, and deep learning.

The CMS series of high-end modular UPS power supply systems provided by Sicon for FAST have been built and put into use, meeting the high-standard power demand for stable operation of FAST and ensuring the accuracy and stability of astronomical observations. With high-quality products and comprehensive services, Sicon UPS power system strives to make the power supply guarantee work meticulous and perfect, optimize the system operation mode, ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid, keep in mind the responsibility, strive for excellence, go all out, and take a rigorous and responsible attitude and solid Careful work, fully cooperate with the power safety guarantee service work.

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