SCU: Smart micro-grid leads the clean energy

Date: 2020-10-30
Author: admin
Category: Energy StorageEnergy Type Lithium ion Battery System

Background: Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Zone is a comprehensive low-carbon ecological project integrating health care, energy saving, environmental protection, vacation and a green international organization base. In order to meet the growing demand for electricity in the zone, and at the same time fully support of Hainan’s green, low-carbon, and ecological construction, Hainan Power Grid Corporation quickly launched the Smart Grid Special Plan for the Zone, guided by the smart grid planning of Hainan Power Grid Company, the power grid in the zone will be built into a smart grid demonstration area that is “safe, reliable, intelligent and efficient, environmental friendly , low-carbon and green”.

SCU solution: As an innovative supplier and developer for smart energy storage system, SCU studied the local natural environment, power grid conditions, and cultural characteristics, brought “GRES integrated energy integrated power solution” . This project is to build a set of integrated photovoltaic, energy storage and charging station in the parking lot. The project includes: photovoltaic power generation system, energy storage system, charging station, intelligent integrated monitoring and energy management platform, comprehensive environmental security monitoring device, etc. Integrating multiple new technologies such as automation, informationization, intelligence, interaction, V2G, etc., it is a comprehensive demonstration project of micro-grids cross-technology and multi-system coordination and integration. SCU PV & ESS Charging integration project combines multi-functional PCS with energy storage batteries, utility power, diesel generators, photovoltaics, wind energy, loads, etc., to achieve a reasonable configuration between new energy power generation, energy storage batteries, and power grids, can achieve uninterrupted power supply, reduce the maximum power load, improve power quality and micro-grid construction.

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