The Largest Cloud Data Center in Asia

Date: 2020-10-27
Author: Vivian
Category: Modular UPSUPS

Huitian Cloud Industrial Park Data Center is a new generation of green, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and highly available cloud data center. It covers an area of 500 acres. After all construction, it will provide 50,000 sets of cabinets. It is currently the largest IDC industrial park in Beijing. .

In the face of massive data services, the stable operation of data centers requires high-quality, high-stability power support. In addition to high reliability and high stability, current data centers also require intelligence and digitalization for UPS power supply system products.

Sicon provided a total of 89 sets of modular UPS series CMS250/25, CMS350/50, CMS400/50, CMS500/50, CMS600/50 and other models for this project, integrating the advantages of digital technology and new semiconductor technology, with extremely high power The characteristics of density, reliability, efficiency, intelligence and flexibility meet the needs of different loads and help the safe operation of data centers in all fields.

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