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SCU EV Charger at the World’s Largest Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport,the world’s largest airport, is the first airport in the world with 100% coverage rate of charging supporting facilities and more than 10% of renewable energy. SCU won the bid for the second phase of the EV charger project in the flight area of Daxing Airport, and installed 70 units EV charger power stack and 160pcs charge post.

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SCU Micro-module data center project in the 4th Hospital of Hebei province

Two micro-module data centers are provided to the hospital , by integrating closed hot and cold aisles, modular UPS CMS-150kVA, servers, air conditioning systems, power distribution systems, fire control and lighting systems, and environmental monitoring systems , effectively avoided unnecessary waste, increased the reliability of the system, speed up the construction of the computer room, and effectively reduced the implementation cost.

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IDC Micro-module data center project for China Unicom

In 2017, SCU provided China Unicom Hebei Branch a new updated micro-module solution with an integrated, standard, optimal, intelligent, and highly adaptable infrastructure environment for Hebei Unicom’s IDC computer room, to create a new high-density low-power modular data center.

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Data Center Project for Agricultural Bank of China in Shanxi province

SCU provided modular data center to coordinate with the future business development plan of the bank. 7 cabinets single row cold aisle equipment cooperates with advanced modular UPS system provide the best support for the safe, stable and efficient operation for computer room.

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China National Project: South-to-North Water Diversion

SCU was great honored to take part in this world famous project, provided 120 sets of integrated cabinet data center for the project.

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Data Center in Shanghai Guardhouse

The Shanghai Guardhouse is built for retired people who served for the country and disabled soldiers. SCU provided 26 sets of integrated intelligent cabinets to solve the problem of data center room construction in Shanghai Guardhouse.

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