Proud to be Defender for Lhasa – SCU Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with Lithium Battery System in Lhasa Renewable Energy Project

Date: 2020-10-26
Author: Vivian
Category: Energy Storage,Energy Type Lithium ion Battery System

Under the clear blue sky, a melodious and high-pitched Tibetan song echoes among the snow-capped mountains… Lhasa is a place kissed by God. The city of Sunlight is not only bright and holy but also contains powerful energy. The completion of the renewable energy projects transforms the power endowed by nature into life energy, fulfilling the development goal of combination of social progress and ecological environment.

The Lhasa Industrial Bank’s solar&energy storage project is a solar storage integrated backup power system customized by SCU according to the needs of the bank. The project uses the roof of the bank building to build a solar photovoltaic power generation system with a total installed capacity of 217.8kWp. The power generation system uses 0.4KV spontaneous and self-use surplus electricity mode. At the same time, a 250kW/600kWh lithium battery system is used for energy storage to provide electricity economy. In addition, 250kVA 3 phase modular UPS is configured according to the needs of the bank to ensure the safe, reliable, and uninterrupted power supply of the key internal loads.

This project can solve the problem of renewable energy power generation access, reduce waste of light and wind, actively assist in maintaining grid stability, improve load power quality, balance grid peak and valley differences, and improve power economy. At the same time, it achieves efficient use of energy to avoid possible losses caused by long-distance transmission and multiple conversions. In the abnormal situation of the external power grid, it can use its own power generation device and energy storage link to maintain normal internal power supply to ensure high-quality power supply services

The dazzling sun shines on Lhasa, symbolizing the light of life, opening modern life with wisdom without disturbing everything here is a kind of respect, a kind of responsibility, a kind of sustenance, SCU will always insist to guard this pure land.

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